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Vintage Label Art (+ CD-ROM)

1 946 руб.Старая цена: 2 096 руб.

Miniature works of art, these old-fashioned labels beckoned consumers from cigars, fruit crates, wine bottles, and well-traveled luggage sets. This convenient collection features 270 unusual logos, trademarks, and advertisements in full color, promoting products from international luxury hotels to Duck Brand lemons, Wenoka apples, and Jack Daniel's whiskey.

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Arts and Crafts Designs (+ CD-ROM)

1 309 руб.Старая цена: 1 409 руб.

Striking collection of designs, rendered from textile and wallpaper motifs, vases, and other authentic sources, includes images of lovely florals once etched into glassware and pitchers, garlands of flowers in square and circular configurations, wildlife that adorned decorative bowls and platters, and much more. A convenient source of superb illustrations. 231 black-and-wh

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Women Illustrations (+ CD-ROM)

1 309 руб.Старая цена: 1 409 руб.

Detailed images of women of all ages, nationalities, and social classes — selected from rare 19th-century publications — depict subjects in a wide array of clothing styles while engaged in work, reading, dancing, playing musical instruments, and other activities. 316 black-and-white, ready-to-use graphics for artists and designers.

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